Friday, 18 October 2013


TGIF Lovelies! :-)
What's happening? I'm glued on my sofa watching the BET Hip-Hop Awards and doing my usual web! Do you like or listen to hip-hop music? 
I used to be a hip-hop 'ride or die' chick during my teenage years - Missy Elliot was the homie in my head...-men was i obsessed with everything M.Elliot. It was very unhealthy...hahaha!! Now you know where I got that name Missy from...- it's actually funny how it has become the name I'm known by.  Ah well..
Am I a fan of modern hip-hop?  Eeerrhhh...well ask 2 Chainzzz! LOL! hot Friday is Nigerian actress Chike Ike on the cover of City People Fashion & Lifestyle magazine. I love it - she looks beautiful in that lime-green grecian maxi dress, and her face looks so flawless!

I must say the cover of this mag. is very attractive with all dem colours...must be a good read! :-)
On newsstands!

Connect with Chike Ike on Facebook HERE.
*Credit: Serah Donald PR/Chike Ike*

Have a lovely weekend y'all! 
Much Love!


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