Monday, 4 November 2013


Hi Lovelies! How y'all doing?

Do you remember me saying two weeks ago that I attended a Pageant Show?....No? - well no worries, I understand! Hehe!!
Unfortunately didn't get to post some of the pics I snapped, because  life has been kinda busy.
As you can already see, it was a 'Miss Yorkshire 2013' beauty pageant. This is the second year running and I was excited to be invited to film it with the crew. It was my first time attending a show like that and I must say, "kudos to models and those who sign up to these things." - it takes a lot of guts and confidence to walk stylishly (lol!) and half naked in front of so many people in a six inch high heels. I mean it's their job, but I think its brave anywayz.
This is the first badge pics...will share the rest with y'all later. I don't wanna bombard anyone, lol! 
Thank you & Enjoy :-)
*The beautiful Miss Yorkshire contestants..Very friendly gals!*
*With Miss North Ireland 2013, Miss England 2013 and Miss Teen Scotland 2013*
*Miss Yorkshire 2012 and friends*
*My friends*
*The Dance Crew*
My friends (from left): Eugene, Freddy & Wife, Founder of Miss Yorkshire, Anthony, Guest and O.T
*2nd Runner Up*
*This is Eppy*
*My friend, Ebenezer and Girlfriend.*
*The winner of Miss Yorkshire 2013.*
*Miss Yorkshire 2013 & 2012*
*Founder of Miss Yorkshire, Anthony with the gals.*
*I believe he's the Dance Crew's coach...cute!*

I appreciate your visit and comments.
Have a great week!


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