Friday, 2 September 2016


No matter how many shoes a lady has, she's never satisfied. Call it greedy or whatever, but it is what it is! They hurt our foot time and time again, and sometimes break our bank accounts, but we still love em.
Ladies and shoes are like two tits in a push-up bra (excuse my French). Lol!
We just can't do without them.
Luvin anything lately?

*Links to the shoes just in case you love them as me.*

So how has your week been?
I've had a really productive week trying to put things in order in our home, stocking our cabinets with foodstuffs and getting myself in the right mindset. Next week marks the beginning of a busy life as the kids are back to school and I'm back to work. I'm quite nervous as I'm starting a teaching role at the school that inspired me to go into teaching. It is a school for children with complex learning difficulties (autistic spectrum) and disabilities which is quite challenging, but also very rewarding. I've been praying for the grace of God to see me through this new chapter, because I can't do it without Him. Say a prayer for me too. Thanks!

Thank God its Friday and have a lovely weekend.

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Much Love!


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